Terms and conditions - Conditions of participation

Terms and conditions - Conditions of participation


1st Organizer

The organizer of this raffle is: Mac Cosmetics, Uferstraße 41, 55116 Mainz. Managing Director: Dennis Sauer, HRB 46063, Register Court: Amtsgericht Mainz

second Overview of the participation options

Prerequisite for participation in this ad-supported raffle is the conclusion of a raffle contract, on the one hand you get the chance to get the prize, but on the other hand in return to declare the willingness to advertise from the raffle organizer and the named sponsors (see below, point 3). If you do not wish to conclude such a raffle contract, participation in the raffle is also possible without concluding the contract by sending an e-mail to the organizer within the deadline (see section 4).

third Completion of the raffle contract

By registering for the Sweepstakes, you are making a statement that you wish to enter into a free Sweepstakes Agreement. With the inclusion of your data in the participant file, the organizer accepts the offer. You waive access to this acceptance.

The competition contract will not cost you anything. Also you do not enter any further obligations. In particular, participation or redemption does not require the purchase of paid goods or services. The registration requires that you indicate the requested participation data (salutation, first and last name, postal address, date of birth, e-mail address and telephone number) and grant the desired advertising permission. Registration will complete the confirmation of a button such as "Continue" or "Join For Free."

You can cancel the raffle contract at any time. The revocation of the advertising permission is considered a termination of the competition contract. However, an effected revocation does not cancel the participation in the draw. Your chances of winning will remain unaffected by the terms of Section 5 (Prerequisites for Participation) and Section 7 (Execution of the Prize Winning / Winning Notice).

4th Participation by e-mail

You have the opportunity to participate in this ad-supported raffle without advertising permission. In this case, please send us an e-mail with the following content:

  • domain name (URL) of the sweepstakes
  • For profit selection: Wish profit
  • Title
  • first name
  • Last Name
  • Email address
  • Street, house number
  • Postcode, City
  • birth
  • Phone
  • Country
  • If there should be a competition question or a question during the raffle, please also tell us the correct answer / solution here.

    to the e-mail address: [email protected]

    Only emails with complete and correct information will participate in the prize draw. The conditions of participation and data protection apply equally and you accept them by an e-mail participation. We point out that your chance of winning has no influence whatsoever on whether you enter the competition with or without publicity.

    5th Requirements of participation

    Please note that only participants with complete and accurate data will participate in the prize draw.

    The competition participation is only possible in his own name. Playing along with Strohmänner is not allowed. Each participant may only participate once. All persons who have reached the age of 18 at the time of their participation, who are from a location located in Germany, Austria or Switzerland and have their permanent residence and residence in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, are eligible to participate. Employees, authorized representatives, legal successors and agents of the organizer as well as all advertising agencies and event companies participating in the event and the realization of the competition, and their respective family and household members are excluded from participation.

    If a competition question or a task should be answered in the competition, the prerequisite for participation is also the correct answer to the question or the solution to the problem. If you participate by e-mail, we ask for an indication of the correct answer / solution.

    If it turns out that you have violated the aforementioned regulations or if you are not eligible to participate, you will not be entitled to any profits. The same applies if you cancel a raffle contract before the determination of the winner.

    The organizer reserves the right to hire persons for factual reasonsto exclude from participation. A factual reason exists in particular if persons hinder or disturb the proper performance of the raffle, e.g. manipulate, or attempt to participate, the Game and / or the Sites, and / or violate the Laws of the Game and / or otherwise improperly and / or unfairly attempt to influence the Sweepstakes, in particular by disrupting, threatening, harassing / Software of the organizer or other participants

    6. Closing date for entries

    Registrations are possible until the closing date for entries on 01.09.2018.

    In order to have carried out the relevant participation act in good time before a participation deadline, you must have concluded a competition contract by 01.09.2018 or but have sent the participation e-mail. Registrations that miss the deadline will be without a chance to win.

    7. Execution of the prize determination / prize notification

    The winners will be determined on 10.09.2018 by means of a computer-aided lottery. The winners will be notified by post. Cash prizes will be paid in cash or by check (not applicable to any instant prize vouchers). For amounts over € 1,000, the personal transfer of the money will be made by employees of the organizer, provided that the residence is located in German-speaking countries: Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Giveaways (vouchers) will be sent to the address given at registration. Mac Cosmetics assumes no liability for any loss of the delivery within the scope of the delivery. The winners themselves are responsible for the payment of any applicable taxes.

    If it turns out that the winner was not eligible to participate, his claim to profit will be forfeited. In this case the draw will be repeated.

    8. Forfeiture of the Profit Claim

    Unless transfer of a prize to a winner identified in the draw is possible because a winning notification fails (ie a winning notification will be returned as undeliverable and another delivery attempt via another send channel (eg Post now e-mail) is also unsuccessful) or should a winnings fail (winning package comes back as undeliverable) or should the determined winner refuse to accept the prize, forfeits the claim. In that case, the draw will be repeated one more time.

    The same applies if it turns out after the draw that a winner has been excluded from participation or if the conditions for an exclusion exist or existed. In this case, the profit determination is also repeated.

    9. Measures in the event of a disruption to the prize draw process

    The organizer reserves the right to modify, cancel or terminate the raffle for objective reasons at any time without prior notice. A factual reason exists in particular if the raffle can not (more) proceed on schedule (eg in case of infection of computers with viruses, errors of the software or hardware or for other technical, factual or legal reasons, the administration, security that hinder the integrity or regular and proper conduct of the Sweepstakes). The organizer may also decide to continue the raffle in a modified manner in such a disturbance. The organizer decides at its own discretion whether the raffle can be continued in a modified form or whether an abort is required.

    10. Applicable Law

    The Prize Draw is governed exclusively by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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